Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Interview with Momtrepreneurs of Palm Beach County Blogger!

I wanted to share with you that I was interviewed by a blogger by the  and wanted to share the link. Thank you.
 Thank you to the Momtrepreneurs of Palm Beach County!

Saturday, August 20, 2011


Hello followers,

I will be holding a giveaway on my blog soon and wanted to announce how it will work. There will be 2 winners!

How to enter:
Basically, refer 5 friends to my Baby Buckle Pad® FB/BLOG page. After your refer 5 friends, go to my blog (you must be a blog follower to qualify) then enter the contest.

 How it works:
The contest will show you 2 photos from last year's ABC tradeshow that I did. These photos are unedited.  I tried to show 2 photos as similar as possible but they were taken a day apart for a reason. That reason is the answer. There is 1 major difference between the two photos that had to be corrected before the start of the tradeshow. HINT: As an exhibitor you never want THIS to be incorrect. Once you have the answer, post it and mention the 5 FB friends you referred to our page in the post. (I will check your referrals before your announced as a winner.)

Who can enter:
Each eligible FB or Blog follower may enter 1x time and win only 1 Baby Buckle Pad®. The winners are the first 2 followers who post/comment on the correct answer and refer 5 friends.  Please mention their names in with your answer. Bonus entry if all 5 friends also follow me on both FB and Blog.

It will be open for 48 hrs starting today at 1pm, Saturday, August 20 through Monday 1pm OR until 2 followers win before the 48hrs is over. (My blog will have a time-stamp that will inform me when you posted your answer plus your post will show up in the order of posting.) It's that easy just think about your answer before you comment.

Here is photo 1 - the CORRECT photo on the left:          Photos 2 on the right is incorrect:


Good luck!!!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Yea, Baby Buckle Pad® winner of the 2011 TOP CHOICE Parent Award Winner!

Hello everyone!!! I hope your summer has been a good one. I recently returned from a wonderful vacation visiting family and friends in Pennsylvania. That was a much needed "re-charging my batteries" trip. Wonderful that everyone got along, too! :D

The vacation is only one of many reasons that I have been slacking with updates on this blog. APOLOGIES. I have so much going on with preparations for the ABC Baby & Child Expo a month away. I feel time is flying by as are all the deadlines. More about the upcoming tradeshow, later.

Well, It is official that the Baby Buckle Pad® is a Creative Child 2011 TOP CHOICE OF THE YEAR AWARD (Parenting Aids-Safety and Protection category) !!! I am so thrilled about this news. BIG SMILES over here :D Awesome award for us to place. Thank you for your continued support of this journey that I am on.

MOMMA EDISON has lots of great goals for 2012. Some snippets to share: the Princess prototype is coming along brilliantly. We have found a new and more competitive manufactor that we are going to be working with for our next design... good news for our retailers and consumers! :)

Just wrapped up another giveaway with Copper Brick Road Blog. If you don't already, please LIKE us on facebook for more information about MOMMA EDISON plus giveaway annoucements. (FB Link is to the right of my blog.) Thanks again.

SO much more to share but have to run for now... will update again. Happy Summer!

Monday, June 27, 2011

2011 TOP CHOICE Parent Award Winner!

Hello Blog Followers,

I have some thrilling news that I had to just share with you all. The Baby Buckle Pad® won the Creative Child 2011 Top Choice Parent Award chosen by moms, moms-to-be and educators!!! Our category we won in is safety/protection. I will have more to post later about this topic.

So excited about this news!!! Can ya tell? ;)

Have a Happy and Safe July 4th weekend. GOD Bless America!

On another note, I like to share with you all how I have been earning extra money to help promote my Baby Buckle Pad®. I have been a DOVE CHOCOLATE DISCOVERIES (DCD) CHOCOLATIER for the past few months. I LOVE this opportunity as a SAHM and mommy inventor. I choose my own hours for tasting parties while making extra money!!! I recently recruited my first TEAM MEMBER promoting myself to the next level of Senior Chocolatier. Dove/MARS® is an AWESOME company to be a part of. Dove chocolate is great tasting chocolate plus their DCD product line is definitely gourmet quality chocolate that is NOT available in stores but ONLY available through their chocolatiers! For example: Cinnamon Dusted Milk or Dark Chocolate Almonds, Chocolate Martini's, my FAVE the Peanut Butter & Chocolate Truffles, Truffle Fudge Brownie Mix, etc. YUM!!!

Check out my DCD website: for more inforamtion on what DCD is all about, their products and the sweet opportunity. (...and no you do not have to live near me to join my Team!)

Sharing the sweet life and sweet dreams, Tamara :D

Thanks for again for following Momma Edison's blog!